Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why rewards to benefit schools and charities?
A: Our rewards program is an easy way for Card Holders and their Financial Institution to support the schools and charities they care about most. Card Holders earn points by using their debit or credit card to make purchases instead of paying with cash or writing a check. At the end of the year, the Card Holder’s Financial Institution will donate to the selected schools and charities the value of the total points earned by all Card Holders.

Q: What types of debit or credit card transactions earn points?
A: Each Financial Institution is different. Please contact your Financial Institution to see what types of transactions qualify for points. In general, transactions purchased at a store or payments online would earn points.

Q: Is the rewards program free?
A: Yes, there is no cost to you or the benefiting schools and charities to participate. Donations are made electronically to schools and charities. There is a processing fee for schools or charities that choose to receive their donation via check. See Program Rules for more information.

Q: What is required to enroll in the program?
A: You must have a debit or credit card from a participating Financial Institution. You may register multiple debit or credit cards. To see if your Financial Institution is participating, click Enroll and enter the first 12 digits of your card number. A list of Participating Financial Institutions is also available under Get The Word Out.

Q: Can I enroll more than one card?
A: Yes, you may enroll an unlimited number of debit or credit cards issued by participating Financial Institutions.

Q: How do I select a school or charity?
A: Step 1 of enrollment is to enter your card data. Step 2 is to Select a School or Charity. Depending on the preferences of your Financial Institution, you will either choose a school or charity from a pre-selected list or search our database for eligible schools and charities. Some Financial Institutions allow you to do both.

Q: Can I select more than one school or charity?
A: Yes, the system allows you to select up to 20 schools or charities per card. Some Financial Institutions may limit the number or location of schools and charities that may be selected.

Q: Can I select any school or charity?
A: In general, you may select any school or charity that meets the eligibility requirements. Some Financial Institutions may limit the number or location of schools and charities that may be selected.

Q: How do I know how many points I have earned for my school or charity?
A: If your computer accepts cookies, simply click My Points Tracker on the home page. There you will find the total points you have earned, total cards and total points for each of your schools and/or charities. If your computer does not allow cookies, click Track Points on the top navigation bar and search for a school or charity. You will not be able to see your individual points, but you will be able to see total cards and total points.

Q: When will my school or charity receive their donation?
A: Donations for the previous year’s points are made during the first quarter of the following year. For example, donations for points earned during 2007, will be issued between January and March of 2008.

Q: How will I know how much money was donated to my school or charity?
A: The total donation amount for points earned during the previous calendar year will be posted during the first quarter of the new year. Simply click Track Points or My Points Tracker to see totals for your selected schools or charities.

Q: How will I know if my school or charity received the donation?
A: During the first quarter of the year, visit Track Points or My Points Tracker. Along with the donation amount, there will be a notation as to whether or not the school or charity received/cashed the donation.

Q: How are the donation payments made?
A: Schools and charities may choose to receive their donation electronically or via check. If the school or charity chooses to receive their donation via check, they must cash the check before the expiration date on the check. If a check is not cashed, the donation will go to a school or charity previously selected by idebit® or the sponsoring Financial Institution.

Q: Are there any restrictions on how the school or charity can spend its donation money?
A: No

Q: My card is not eligible. How can I get my Financial Institution to participate?
A: Click idebit® Invite under Get the Word Out and request that we contact your Financial Institution about enrolling in the program.